Friday, June 24, 2016

Arrived in to the Rio Tinto jetty at 07:45 this morning, Balmoral. The 217 mtr cruise ship belonging to Fred Olsen cruise lines is no stranger to Holyhead having visited many years ago as the Crown Odyssey. The vessel has been named Crown Odyssey twice and also named Norwegian Crown twice, Then on handover in 2007 to her current owners she was then lengthened by 30 metres and is their largest vessel.

Fred Olsen's Balmoral rounding the breakwater light.

Balmoral performing a turn off the Rio Tinto jetty.

Final manouevring to come astern to the jetty.

Balmoral seen here as built, a 30 mtr shorter Crown Odyssey departing Holyhead in 1996. Picture by A Herbert.

A view from the bridge, Crown Odyssey anchored off the breakwater light 1996. Picture by A Herbert.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Pictured departing the refit berth at 09:00 this morning THV Patricia. The vessel having already been included on the blog this week is featured as noticed on departure passengers on a working cruise. With 6 cabins available voyages are on her duties with bouywork, lightships and lighthouses around the UK and range from 7 to 14 nights. For more information on Trinity House flagship voyages visit their website below.

THV Patricia departing with passengers overlooking the work deck.


A heroic tale from a vessel at the marina today, Pictured this morning alongside at the marina Watson class lifeboat Swn Y Mor. The 46ft former St Davids lifeboat has been in private hands since 1973 and has completed many historic journeys including a circumnavigation of the globe as well as winning numerous awards at traditional sail events. One historic rescue is commemorated onboard with two plaques on either side of the vessel, During November 1956 crewman Ieuan Bateman lost his life on the vessels return after they had rescued all onboard the French trawler Notre Dame de Fatima in distress off Skokholm. Also included below is a more detailed link about the vessel.

Watson class Swn Y Mor at the marina this morning.

Basking in glorious sunshine

Some images of four commemorative plaques onboard Swn Y Mor.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Trinity House vessel Patricia pictured this afternoon entering the harbour is a welcome sight not seen for many years. Trinity House had for many years a depot at the marina area and has had many ships in their fleet using the harbour over the years even as far as using the drydock on numerous occasions.

THV Patricia rounding the Salt island dolphin.

Passing between the Admiralty and South quay piers.

Heading towards the refit berth.

Final manouevres to come alongside the refit berth.

Arrived in to the Rio Tinto jetty at lunchtime today, Hapag Lloyds expedition cruise ship Hanseatic. The 123 mtr vessel, no stranger to Holyhead, headed up the Welsh coast from Avonmouth and after a few passenger excursions is now on route to Greenock after a 18:00 Holyhead departure.

Hanseatic manouevring to come alongside the Rio Tinto jetty.

Hanseatic all fast at the jetty.

Hanseatic alongside at Salt Island whilst under Hanseatic tours colours in 1997. Picture by A Herbert.

Pictured at the marina in the early morning of the 13th June, F48. The 14 mtr Boskalis Westminster workboat arrived in from Liverpool on a brief stopover on route to Dublin.

Boskalis workboat F48 alongside at the marina Monday morning.